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Who Are We?

Advanced Mobile IV - Miami Beach is physician owned and nurse operated. Our well-trained, licensed RNs are able to administer IV infusions within the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. Services span a wide range of applications including IV infusion therapy, vitamin injections and weight loss programs. AMIV's vision is to become your number one choice when it comes to offering mobile IV infusion therapy in Miami, Florida. Get hydrated, recover quickly and revitalize your body. Schedule your appointment today!

Start feeling better with Advanced Mobile IV. Within a 60 minute appointment, we offer mobile IV hydration and vitamin therapy right to your home, office, or hotel. We specialize in providing quality IV care for every client, giving you the fastest results for administering medications, vitamins, a

We provide mobile IV service to Miami Beach • Miami • Key Biscayne • FL • Florida  


Dehydration IV

Simple hydration that will leave you hydrated and refreshed.

Custom IV

Our popular customizable bag! Rehydrate with your choice of 5 vitamins!

Advanced Athlete IV

Recover from workouts quickly with this popular IV!

Immunity Plus IV

Amplify your immune system with the strongest defense against seasonal colds and flu!

Hangover IV

Fast and effective way to help relieve the symptoms of hangovers.

What is IV Therapy?

There's a reason it's growing...


To be absorbed by the body, oral supplements and water must first pass through the entire digestive tract. Only a fraction of what you consume makes it to the bloodstream, but this is not the case with IV fluids and vitamins. Your IV infusion therapy is administered directly into the circulatory system, bypassing the digestive system altogether. This allows for a complete healing experience, better hydration and higher vitamin bioavailability. Recover from the demanding Miami Beach sun and heat instantly with an IV treatment protocol designed to meet the unique needs of your body quickly and easily. 

Why IV Therapy?


No two bodies are alike; all have different needs. At AMIV Miami Beach, we work closely with you to determine a protocol designed expressly for you. This bespoke wellness experience is available as a mobile service, in the comfort of your own chosen location. A deep sense of whole-body wellness is attainable. Contact us today to learn more about our system, to discuss your body’s needs with a member of our team, and to take the first step on the road to hydration in Miami Beach. 

drip hydration Vitamin Absorption advanced mobile iv therapy

In Miami Beach, our nurses often help with improving...

  • Immunities
  • Energy Levels
  • Fluids/Nutrient Deficiency
  • Allergies/Flu Symptoms
  • and more...

All of our IVs are administered by professional nurses


Scott LeeMar-5
Easily the best IV service in Miami!

Easily the best IV service in MIAMI. Professional, incredible service, efficient, and got the results I wanted. Prices are competitive and appreciated the peace of mind of having it being owned and operated by a MD. Definitely using them again next time I’m in town. - Scott Lee

Regan WidnerMar-5
Favorite Mobile IV Service!

Highly recommend Advanced Mobile IV! The owner's are great and we love their nurses! Favorite Mobile IV service. - Regan Widner

Joseph MunnoMar-6
Top Tier Experience!

Top tier experience. Have used them for recovery from long Miami weekends and intense fitness competitions. Owner and staff were so attentive and helpful. Let Advanced Mobile IV help you keep enjoying your lifestyle! - Joseph Munno

Christopher F.Apr-17
Couldn't ask for more from such a great team!

Couldn’t ask for more from such a great team! Long hours in the blistering sun of Miami construction life takes a toll on the body all while still trying to workout. After just one session, I booked another session just the following week. This is the kinda team you want in your corner, fast, clean, and very knowledgeable. - Christopher F.

Edwin R.May-13
Absolutely Incredible!

The service is absolutely incredible! everyone was very professional and very nice! The services that they offered was exactly what I was looking for and they over delivered in every way. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone looking to get IV's done on the regular basis! - Edwin R.

Cynthia T.Jun-10
Advanced Mobile IV is Amazing!

Advanced Mobile IV is amazing! I recently used their services as I was not feeling well and the process was so smooth. I booked their services and the nurse came rather quickly and administered my therapy. I felt safe and comfortable and felt as good as new and was able to continue with my day. I am so appreciative of them and their professionalism. I definitely recommend and will be using them in the future! - Cynthia T.

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Mobile IV therapy can be beneficial in numerous ways beyond hydration and enhacing immunity.  It can also help address symptoms related to conditions such as the cold, flu, morning sickness, and even hangovers. It's also easier than ever.  We come to you, whether you're at home, office, or hotel.  For non-emergency cases, IV therapy can be a valuable alternative to a hospital visit.   Want to see if we can help?  Call us or visit us on Instagram!

For numerous common symptoms, IV therapy is both an efficient and convenient option.

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