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Whether you're at home, in your office, or staying in a hotel, we offer IV therapy for optimal wellness at your convenience.  We're ready to serve whenever clients ask things like, "Where can I find IV vitamin therapy near me?" or "How can I get an IV at home?".

If you just finished a hike or workout, or maybe just need to replenish some vitamins and fluids, we have nurses happy to help.

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What Are Popular IV Treatments?

We hear you when you ask "Where can I find IV vitamin therapy near me?". Our most popular treatments are...

iv vitamin therapy near me


We have bags that provide vitamins directly to your system with optimal absorption.

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Whether it's post-workout or just needing a boost, we've got you covered.

iv vitamin therapy near me memory brain improve thinking iv therapy home office hotel


Promote mental clarity with IVs like NAD+ that assist with cognitive function.

iv vitamin therapy near me heal allergies iv therapy improvement athlete


One of our most popular IVs which help cut back on sickness and allergies.


If this is your first time getting an IV and you're wondering where to start, these bags are among our most popular. Our Immunity IV is a top seller every month, along with our Advanced Antioxidant and B12 Energy IVs.

Whether it's to support your immune system, reduce inflammation, boost antioxidants and energy, or even manage pesky allergies, our vitamin bags promote body wellness in under an hour.

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what is nad+ benefits brain memory reaction times boosts energy how to improve memory

IV Therapy for your brain

While getting an IV for your memory, cognitive functions, or reaction times might not seem the first choice, getting a bag like NAD+ IV Therapy (an active form of B3) can actually provide both mental clarity and even promote anti-aging in the body.

A great bag to consider for whole-body wellness or dealing with substance withdrawal.


IV Therapy vs. Liquid IV

No one likes the feeling of fatigue, allergies, dehydration, nausea, or even the effects of hangovers. While liquid IVs do have some benefits, the fluids still pass through the digestive system, meaning you're losing the majority of what the liquid IVs have to offer. Getting IVs straight to the bloodstream means bypassing digestion and providing nearly all of those benefits-- quickly and effectively.

Our nurses are happy to help you decide on the best IV based on your needs. As far as "Where can I find IV vitamin therapy near me?", that's just a click away.


Why Mobile IV Therapy?

Did you know when you consume vitamins orally, you can lose more than 80% of a vitamin’s nutritional value? That's why IV Therapy is optimal for administering vitamins, minerals, and fluids into the body, proving even more effective than liquid IV (which passes through the digestive system, diminishing nutrient absorption). 

Intravenous use is both faster and more effective in delivering liquids straight to the bloodstream.  Because we're mobile, we come to you.

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What Customers Are Saying

"AMIV was so great!! The night I felt symptoms coming on, I got an IV. Woke up the next day feeling 100%. I would highly recommend this service to anyone!! They come to you which makes it even better."

are IVs safe is iv vitamin therapy near me better than liquid ivs amiv best iv company near me gentry manning

Gentry Manning


"AMIV was wonderful! They showed up on time and the nurse was friendly and educated me on the different options. I'm pregnant and wanted to make sure it was all pregnancy safe. I felt refreshed after receiving my IV fluids and vitamins. Highly recommended!"

are IVs safe iv vitamin therapy near me better than liquid ivs amiv best iv company near me lauren samuels

Lauren Samuels


"Hydration with lots of vitamins and minerals, yes please! I felt immediate improvements in my energy, water levels, and my skin even feels plumper. My AMIV nurse was very professional and caring."

are IVs safe iv vitamin therapy near me better than liquid ivs amiv best iv company near me melissa lund

Melissa Lund



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