What is NAD+ (7 Benefits for Your Brain and Overall Wellness)

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May 16, 2023

What is NAD+

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a critical coenzyme found in every cell of the human body, meaning it plays a big role (directly and indirectly) in our overall wellness.  Everything from cellular energy production to common brain functions involves NAD+.  However, as we age, our NAD+ levels decline, leading to a decrease in vitality and overall wellness. This article will explore the importance of NAD+, its history, and how you can boost your NAD+ levels through supplementation and innovative treatments like IV therapy.  Want to find NAD+ IV therapy in your area?  Click here.

NAD+: An Overview

The Significance of NAD+

NAD+ is involved in numerous metabolic processes, including cellular energy production, mitochondrial health, and the regulation of pivotal cellular functions. Its presence in every cell of the body makes it essential for overall health and wellness.  As our NAD+ levels decline with age, it can lead to a decrease in energy, cognitive function, and the ability to maintain a healthy weight.  Research has shown that increasing NAD+ levels can have a positive impact on these areas, making it an attractive target for supplementation and therapy.


The History of NAD+


The discovery of NAD+ dates back to 1906 when it was first identified by Sir Arthur Harden and William John Young. Over the years, research has uncovered the importance of NAD+ in metabolic processes, its role in age-related decline, and the potential benefits of NAD+ supplementation.


NAD+ Precursors


NAD+ precursors, such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), have been shown to safely and effectively increase NAD+ levels in the body. These precursors can be found in certain foods or taken as supplements to boost NAD+ levels and support overall health.

Benefits of Boosting NAD+ Levels


AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy

1. Supports Addiction Recovery


NAD+ plays a crucial role in energy production, and its decline has been linked to substance abuse disorders. Boosting NAD+ levels through supplementation or IV therapy can help in the recovery process by aiding in detoxification, reducing withdrawal symptoms, and supporting overall mental and physical health.

AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy


2. Improves Cognitive Function


Declining NAD+ levels can contribute to age-related cognitive decline, leading to memory loss, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating. Boosting NAD+ levels can help improve mental clarity, memory, and focus, supporting overall brain health.

What is NAD+ (7 Benefits for Your Brain and Overall Wellness)

3. Aids in Weight Management


As we age, our metabolism slows down, which can lead to weight gain. NAD+ is essential for the body's metabolic processes, and increasing its levels can help support a healthy metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy

4. Boosts Energy


NAD+ is critical for the production of ATP, the molecule responsible for carrying and delivering energy throughout the body. Increasing NAD+ levels can help boost energy levels, reduce fatigue, and combat exhaustion.

AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy


5. Aids in Muscle Development and Recovery


Supplementing NAD+ can help improve energy levels and reaction times, which are essential for peak athletic performance. It can also support muscle development during workouts and aid in muscle recovery and repair post-workout.

AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy

6. Supports Pain Management


NAD+ has been shown to reduce inflammation, which is a key contributor to pain. Boosting NAD+ levels through supplementation or therapy can help in managing pain without the addictive properties of opioids.

AMIV benefits of NAD+ brain memory weight loss energy mood what is NAD+ iv therapy

7. Improves Mood


NAD+ has been shown to boost serotonin levels, the "feel-good" chemical in the brain. Increasing NAD+ levels can positively impact mood and help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

IV Therapy: A Great Way to Boost NAD+ Levels


NAD+ IV Therapy


NAD+ IV therapy is an innovative treatment that involves administering NAD+ directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip. This allows for higher bioavailability and more immediate effects compared to oral supplementation.


AMIV how NAD+ improve brain functions cellular growth repair addition recovery

Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy


NAD+ IV therapy offers several advantages over oral supplementation:

  • Higher bioavailability: By bypassing the digestive system, NAD+ IV therapy ensures that the coenzyme is readily absorbed and utilized by the body.
  • Faster results: IV therapy delivers NAD+ directly into the bloodstream, resulting in quicker and more noticeable effects.
  • Customizable treatment: NAD+ IV therapy can be tailored to meet individual needs, with dosage and infusion rates adjusted as needed.

How to Get Started with NAD+ IV Therapy


Check out our locations below to get started with NAD IV therapy!  A registered nurse will come to your home and administer the IV.  He or she will remain with you throughout the infusion to monitor you and answer any questions you may have!

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